MTL plays an important role in analyze and certifying all types of components of Metal and Alloys by conventional methods like Chemical / Mechanical and by using sophisticated instruments.


Structural Materials Alloys
Stainless Steel Lead Base Alloys
Tor Steel Copper Base Alloys
Structural Steel Aluminum Base Alloys
Cast steel Zinc Base Alloys
Iron Steel Tin Base Alloys
Mild Steel Iron Base Alloys
Tool Steel Nickel Base Alloys
Chromium Base Alloys
Magnesium Base Alloys
Cobalt Base Alloys
Tungsten Base Alloys
Titanium Base Alloys
Ferro Alloys Pipes
Ferro Chromium Mild Steel
Ferro Manganese Cast Iron Pipe
Ferro Vanadium Grey Iron Pipe
Ferro Titanium
Ferro Molybdenum
Ferro Boron
Ferro Tungsten
Ferro Phosphates
Precious Metals Corrosion Studies
Silver Leaf Anodized Aluminum Coating
Relined Gold Phosphate Treatment of Steel and Iron
Nickel Silver Sheet Silver coated Mirror
Copper Coated Mirror
Metallic Coatings Brass
Galvanized Steel Sheet Leading Brass Ingots
Mild Steel Tube Brass Die Casting
Anodic Coating Free Cutting Brass Bars
Gold Coating Free Cutting Brass Rods
Silver Coating High Tensile Brass Ingots
Chromium Coating Gate and Shutter Hooks
Tin plate Cane Copper all of Fancy Single Taps
Silvered Glass Mirrors
Phosphate Coating


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