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Leather Products

  • Leather shoes, boots, moccasins, sandals, and other leather footwear
  • Leather outer apparel, such as coats, jackets, dusters, vests, pants and chaps, gloves, hats, and more
  • Leather sporting and hunting gear, such as baseball gloves, pack bags and satchels, knife sheathes, rifle bags, slings, gun holsters, arm guards, finger tabs, and more
  • Leather equestrian goods, such as saddles, bridles, harnesses, leads, stirrups, and other tack
  • Leather accessories, such as briefcases, thick skin purses and wallets, messenger bags, duffel bags, cell phone and tablet covers, and more
  • Leather coated items, such as leather-bound books, leather-covered drinking vessels, writing instruments, desk accessories, technology covers on computers, tablets, and phones, and more
  • Leather antique and museum restoration pieces


Leather & its Products: – Testing Parameters

  • Ash content
  • Apparent density
  • Volatile matter
  • Hide substance
  • Moisture content
  • pH value
  • Solvent extractable substance
  • Shrinkage temperature
  • Thickness
  • Water absorption
  • Water soluble matter
  • Azo Dyes
  • Hex. Chromium
  • Chromium Oxide
  • Shoe Flexing
  • Bond strength of laminated leather
  • Tensile strength & Elongation
  • Tear strength